Catalyst Goes Big During Summer!

by Seth Wallenburn


Catalyst goes big during summer! Our philosophy is to ramp Youth up for June-August! We figure if students have time away from school, why not use that time to build strong relationships with their friends, leaders and God! Here are just a few of the things we do during the summer:


This is a program we started a few years back to build strong bonds in the youth ministry. We spend two days a week with one another throughout July-August. We go to the redwoods, the beach, hiking, rafting, movie days, ride zip lines, play sports at local parks, serve our community, read and pray together, set up for youth nights and more. The great thing about this program is we only charge $50 per student! We want our students to be involved during the summer and know families also have a lot of other expenses! We want to make it as inexpensive as possible!

High School Shasta Trip:

This year we are back on Houseboats at Lake Shasta. We love getting away from the noise and chaos of every day to spend quality time with our Catalyst Fam. This trip is usually filled with a lot of sun, swimming, watersports, campfires and more. Although I (Pastor Seth) have had my encounters with bears, skunks and the like, this is one of my favorite trips!

Middle School Trip:

Middle School students are going on our Annual San Francisco trip. We get to visit Six Flags in Vallejo, Pier 39 and go to a water park. More details are coming soon, but this is a trip you do not want to miss!

A few other things that we look forward to are a Welcome to Summer Party on June 20, spontaneous camp fire nights, rafting trips, bringing the incoming 6th graders on monthly events, etc. If you are a parent, a student, or just someone who attends Parkway and would like to keep informed on the events we do, follow us on our social media links below. All summer forms are available as of May 2nd. If you would like to sponsor Youth summer programs, please put “Student Summer Trips” on the memo line when you give.

Please be praying that our students not only have a great time during the summer, but that they have an incredible encounter with God, and build strong relationships with others!

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To read the full newsletter (and see more pictures) this article appeared in, go to, May 2018, Vol. 2, Issue 5.

Posted on May 9, 2018 .